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We are Royal Crystal Joint Stock Company- a top rising Vietnamese manufacturer of Stone Plastics Core (SPC) flooring, and a joint venture between Royal Group and Pha Le Plastics.While Royal Group has over 25 years in manufacturing and distributing ceramic tiles and quartz stones, Pha Le Plastics, a publicly listed company, has over 10 years of experience in mining, plastics manufacturing and owning multiple limestone quarries.


SPC Flooring (Stone Plastic Composite) is a new generation material which can substitute traditional floor covering material such as laminate flooring, wooden flooring, stone flooring, etc. Observing the structure of SPC, it’s constructed from 3 main layers at its core, coated on the face with an anti-discoloration UV paint, and an attached base layer. The core is the key part of SPC flooring which constructed from a mixture between CaCO3 stone powder and PVC virgin plastic. Based on the core, SPC flooring is durable, anti-shrinkage, termite-proof, sound isolation, can bear heavy forces and 100% waterproof. Therefore, SPC Flooring is one of the most consumable building material in recent years, especially in the U.S., SPC flooring has taken over 50% of the market share and has surpassed material distributors anticipation.

Royal Crystal Company (RCC) proud to be one the leading supplier and manufacturers in high-end SPC flooring in Vietnam. RCC is a joint venture taking advantages of Royal Group and Crystal JSC. Royal Group has been manufacturing and exporting stone-based building material for 25 years and Crystal JSC. has over 10 years of experience in exploiting and manufacturing CaCO3 stone and plastic compounds.

RCC currently has 2 strategic plants. The first SPC flooring factory is located in Nhon Trach II Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province with has 12 extrusion lines and can reach maximum capacity at 12 million m2/year. The second SPC flooring factory is in finishing steps and will be operate in the third quarter of 2021. It is located in Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Hai Phong and its maximum capacity is approximately 14 million m2/year.

nhà máy sản xuất ván sàn SPC của công ty cổ phần Hoàng gia pha lê tại việt nam

The first SPC Flooring factory in Dong Nai Province

nhà máy sản xuất ván sàn SPC tại việt nam

The first SPC Flooring factory in Dong Nai Province

Vietnam Leading SPC Flooring - Manufacturers & Suppliers SPC Flooring - Manufacturers & Suppliers SPC Flooring - Manufacturers & Suppliers

SPC flooring from Royal Crystal Company (RCC) has acquired quality and environmental certificates including FloorScore, Green Guard Gold, CE, etc. SPC Flooring from Royal Crystal Company (RCC) has the most advanced click and lock system license from Unilin from Mohawk (U.S) – one of the biggest building material manufacturing in the U.S. Hence, with the most advanced technology and an experienced team RCC is confident to provide to the market the most optimum and qualified products. Besides, other than the domestic market, Royal Crystal Company (RCC) also focus our resources to “fight in the U.S.”, heading to set export as the business direction and to conquer the most picky market in the world.

ván sàn spc

We have 2 factories total capacity 25 million square meters of SPC floor per year

Royal Crystal SPC Floor Floorscore certified

With the purpose of sustainable development and become a leading business in the supply chain of SPC building material, in the near future, Royal Crystal Company (RCC) plans on expanding in partnership with domestic and international Corporations, expanding producing, increase market share and revenue, and constantly build up Royal Crystal aiming to the global market according to RCC sologan: “ROYAL CRYSTAL – GLOBAL QUALITY”.



To become the leading corporation in the Global SPC products supply chain.



We respect, encourage and empower each member to perform their job in the most favorable working environment to create a balance between work and life, we are committed to fairness in the performance evaluation and individual’s contributions to the overall success of the organization.



We are committed to creating differentiated and best value in customer’s house with our products.


We are committed to bringing the highest long-term benefits to shareholders and in line with vision business development orientation of organization.


We are working towards to a better future for the community, organization and for each member.



Being durability innovative, creative, proactive for change and always stay modesty in success.


Dare to be challenged to achieve success.


Each member is able to self-direct aspirations and goals in alignment with organization’svision and growth strategy.



Romance is foundation for demonstration of love by taking responsibility.


To be trust is the guide for all decisions and actions of each member of the organization.


Friendship is the standard for our Code of Conduct to our coworker, partners, clients and to the community.



Always care of partners, customers, colleagues and appreciate the opportunities they bring us to gain their trust.


Dare to accept competition to affirm our position.


Always focus on building close collaborative relationships with partners and customers to achieve success together.